Tuesday, November 4, 2008

OMG Election Day!!!

I've already cast my vote, but it will be a crazy ride watching all the rest of the votes come in. The fate of our presidency, Prop1A and Measure R will be decided today. I'm going to be all squirmy until reliable election results come in. I'm hopeful it's going to go well, and However, if it all goes wrong and McCain wins, Prop 1A fails, and Measure R fails, I will be sad and likely go into a time of mourning. So don't make me sad, go out there and vote for trains, because they are AWESOME!!!

Vote Yes on R & Prop 1A


Rafael said...

Results of all train-related props in CA:

Prop 1A - High Speed Rail (needs 50.01% to pass)

Measure R in LA county - transit plus roads (needs 66.67% to pass)

Measure B in Santa Clara county - BART extension to Santa Clara (needs 66.67% to pass)

Measure Q in Marin, Sonoma counties - SMART (needs 66.67% of combined votes to pass)

Anonymous said...
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