Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We did it!! Prop 1A & Measure R Have Passed

Thanks to everyone who helped pass these measures, it's a good day for trains. I also expect that with an Obama/Biden white house, rail advocates will have a much stronger voice than under ol' W. This is a good day for America, and it's future transportation needs. I don't expect America to suddenly pull a China and invest $200 billion into rail projects, but I think we have some good days ahead of us.

I'm going to take a little break from blogging here for a bit, to get back to more riding my bike. My real motivation for creating this page was to see Prop 1A and Measure R pass, and that has now become mission accomplished. I want to give a big shout out to Robert Cruickshank and the folks at the CA HSR blog for writing so much detailed information about high-speed rail. And a big thanks and congratulations to the folks like Erin Steva at CALPIRG, who did more on the ground campaigning than it seemed even the official Yes On 1A group was organizing. Another shout to the kids at UCLA, who came out in force to promote Measure R and ensure the subway moves west. We did it!



UPDATE: I'm going to temper my enthusism for the moment with this statement from the CA HSR blog, which could effect either or both of these currently close measures: There are still absentee and provisional ballots out there. We don't yet know where or exactly how many, which is why the news outlets have not yet called it for Prop 1A. We are confident of victory but I felt I should make that note. The Secretary of State expects to have these reported tonight or tomorrow.

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